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Energy and utility

Information security in energetics was neglected up till ten years ago. Security measures were mostly directed towards physical protection and providing for availability and reliability of information system components responsible for production and distribution of electric energy. Perception of information security in energetics changes significantly in 2010, with the emergence of Stuxnet, a specialized malicious program focused on Siemens SCADA systems. With its emersion, Stuxnet has awoken the energy sector regarding information security and pointed out to numerous safety risks and threats which are not adequately addressed in this sector.




  • Protecting and hardening the SCADA system from cyber attacks
  • Compliance of information systems with security standards and best practices
  • Protection from advanced cyber-attacks and malware
  • Information Security management and  organization
  • Raising awareness about information security
  • Information system risk management
  • Preventing data leakage




  • Penetration tests of SCADA systems
  • Security design and architecture of SCADA information systems
  • Security planning and design of information systems
  • Developing information security documentation
  • Implementing an Information Security Management System
  • Implementation of a SIEM solution
  • Information security security awareness trainings
  • Implementation of data leakage prevention systems