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Financial sector

Financial sector is certainly one of the industries mostly exposed to unauthorized activities and frauds. The possibility of a direct financial profit motivates the hackers to perform planned and very sophisticated criminal activities. It is a huge challenge for banks to successfully confront these attacks and protect their information systems and users from unauthorized activities, thefts and frauds. INFIGO IS has an experienced and high quality team that can help its clients in the financial sector to resolve the most complicated and challenging tasks, involving technical and/or organizational issues.



  • Protecting critical business applications from cyber attacks
  • Detecting and preventing frauds
  • Complying with local legislation and regulations
  • Complying with the PCI DSS requirements
  • Protection of personal data
  • Information system risk management
  • Preventing data leakage



  • Penetration testing and security assessment services
  • PCI DSS consultancy
  • Implementing an Information Security Management System
  • Implementing a SIEM solution
  • Information security security awareness trainings
  • Implementation of data leakage prevention systems