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Home office chronicles – working in a time of pandemic


It's here. It's inevitable. It's everywhere. You know what I'm talking about. The virus "He Who Must Not Be Named" has shaped our lives and habits for the past weeks (or has it been months?)

We all have to cope with it. First and foremost, to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Besides that, we are living in a world that is no longer a global village, but a place filled with many boundaries and challenges for all of us who are trying to maintain our daily routines.
It’s not easy. It will not be easy. But life must go on, for our sake and the sake of our children. It’s difficult to remain focused on our jobs at this moment, but we can’t just let our businesses go down the drain.

We at Infigo, and our clients, are well aware of that. There are contracts signed and projects started. We are also aware that cyber security threats will not go away just because of the pandemic. If anything, criminals will thrive in chaos and panic. With that in mind, Infigo is now fully settled with our business continuity plan in motion.

VPN accounts are locked & loaded, IM, telco and fancy collaboration tools are available to everyone. All of the company’s resources are available within few clicks away. But how does that all look in practice?
As it turns out, not too bad. Here are some key takeaways from my prolonged home office experience:

• Everyone’s focused on the important stuff. I guess everyone’s too stressed to make a fuss about things like “should the high risks in report be presented in dark red or Japanese cherry red?”, but I like it this way 😊.
• Collaboration tools galore. I bet you weren’t expecting this one 😊. Videoconferencing, phone, IM, Gitlab, JIRA have become business as usual. And it works. We are in contact with each other, and with our clients so business goes on.
You have to stay connected. Call your colleagues from time to time and have a chat regardless of work, see how they’re doing. Forward some funny stuff on your IM. You’ll feel less isolated.
• Great time to work on self-improvement. Study for an exam. Learn Python. Do yoga.
• A liter of spoon-melting black coffee and some easy going indie rock music are key ingredients for a comfortable workplace. At least mine.

I believe that our crisis team is doing a very good job. We are all kept well informed about what is going on with the company and all the resources at our disposal. Our clients have adopted to new circumstances and projects are going well.
I forgot about one key takeaway. It is more important now than ever to listen to your clients. See what bothers them, what are their issues. We all live in a new world, with new challenges. Perhaps companies are now more concerned with how to get their webshops running than getting 27k certification? Digital transformation anyone? 😊

Stay healthy, busy, and remember to be safe, cyber threats are always there!

Ivan Zelic
Senior Information Security Consultant