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Security assessment

Security assessment should be an integral part of any information security management system, no matter the size and industry of an organization. Security threats are continuously evolving, information systems are getting more exposed, so it is critical for companies to test their critical assets for vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.

Any implemented security controls should be regularly tested for their strength and effectiveness.
Security assessments must be performed by qualified and experienced information security experts in order to get the reliable and expected results. The quality and proficiency of INFIGO IS's security assessment services is recognized by many of our clients.
INFIGO IS is continuously investing in vulnerability research and discovery in order to keep up with current security trends and attack vectors. Our research team has discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in various commercial and open source products. This benefits our clients and makes an active contribution to global information security community.
Security assessments vary by scope, methods used and complexity. These are determined by business and security requirements of the assessed system.